Archie is always happy to snuggle with his friend Kimberly.  He is just one of the many favorites we have.

Luna and Baby Jax had a wonderful playdate that started with "ruffhousing" and ended with a snuggle.

Oakley, Harley, and Archie are having a lazy afternoon after one of their many outings in the yard.

Oakley, Shep, and Oliver always play so hard when at daycare. Sometimes naps are needed when playing is done.

Little Lexus spent the afternoon with Kimberly when she and her family had to be evacuated recently for the flooding in February.

Recently, we had the chance to care for a litter of newborn puppies. Kimberly was very excited to help with the job.

Winston just loves Kimberly's attention and snacks.‚Äč Miss Nella just likes a great place to nap.