At Pet Haven, we are dedicated to providing stellar pet care.  We can accommodate pets of any size and any type.  Even pets with special needs.  Our services include boarding, grooming, and doggie daycare. 


Boarding for the weekend or extended stay, we have your pet covered. Our cozy rooms and airy suites are the perfect retreat for your pet. We provide the beds, blankets, bowls, and toys. Just bring their food and personal items (including medicine, if needed, are administered free of charge).

- Boarding (per day):

4ft by 4ft - $25

4ft by 6ft - $30

4ft by 8ft - $35

Suites - $35

Premium Suites - $45

Cats - $15

- Roommates (per day):

$10 - $16 per pet


Looking ruff, shaggy, or just plain stinky? From teeth to tail, let our groomer work their magic on your pet. We also offer a deshed treatment for your shedding pets.

- Nail Trim - $10

- Basic Bath - $10

- Groomer's Bath - $35 & up

(includes Sanitary & Pad Trim, Teeth Brush, Nail Trim, and Shampoo)

- Full Groom - $55 & up

(includes Groomer's Bath plus Hair Cut)

Doggie Daycare

Running errands, selling your home, going to work/school? No need leave your pet at home alone. Bring them to here for doggie daycare. Our days are full of entertainment, loving interaction, kisses, and treats. With friends, the days are never dull. Doggie daycare promotes socialization with other people and pets and it is an outlet to release their stored energy while playing with friends.

- $2 per hour per pet.

- $12 daily max per pet.

- Discounts given for:

Multiple pets

Prepays for future stays